Hi there, I’m Allan Chan. Growing up a stone’s throw away from Sydney’s Maroubra Beach, I’ve always been drawn to the ocean, and the love of art and travel photography has been instilled in me ever since I was a child. Influenced by a lineage of artists in my family and having older siblings who were constantly travelling the world, I was exposed to the beautiful landscapes of faraway places from an early age.

Allan Chan, travel photographer, creative director & brand designer from Gotthewanderingeye. Standing in front of the Hey Mona acrylic wall art print.
Gotthewanderingeye - Allan Chan, Hey Mona acrylic print in the gallery
Hey Mona, acrylic facemount print in the gallery

I loved seeing the postcards on the fridge and paintings of stunning landscapes, and I knew this was my calling to create images of my own for myself and others to enjoy one day. I had learnt photography on film from a young age, and my interest in design would lead me to become a brand designer & creative director in the creative industry. After years in the industry, I needed an outlet for my creative endeavours. I picked up my camera again and became an early adopter of digital and set off on my adventures around the globe.

Allan Chan from Gotthewanderingeye absorbing and wandering into the Mountains of Huangshan (Yellow Mountains), China
Wandering into the Mountains
Allan Chan landscape photographer hiking in Zao Onsen's Snow Monsters in Japan.
Adventures in the snow
Travel photography by Allan Chan. Gotthewanderingeye hiking to the top of the world in Observation Point, Zion.
Discovering Utah & Arizona
Travel photography by Allan Chan. Gotthewanderingeye standing on boulder, alone lakeside at Lake Tahoe, California.
Immersed in the incredible Lake Tahoe

I was hooked on travel photography, I knew I wanted to have prints of my adventures when I returned to Sydney, so I was inspired to create the Layers in the City series, which combined my skills in design and photography. Friends would see my unique, panoramic photographs on display on my walls and would want to buy them. And it was after selling multiple wall art prints, Gotthewanderingeye was born.

Travel photography by Allan Chan. The first print that started Gotthewanderingeye. Panoramic Taken in D.U.M.B.O. NYC.
The artwork that started it all.

The name is all about seeking and finding beauty in all surroundings. Whether it’s a portrait, street, urban, aerial or landscape photograph, it’s about not being confined to one style or genre, but about creating a sense of escapism that I can take the viewer away on.

Fast forward to today, I’m proud to have my imagery of faraway places and Sydney’s beautiful coastlines hang in homes, galleries and offices around Australia and the world. Every detail, down to the pixel, is meticulously prepared. Gallery grade prints from the finest printing labs and handcrafted framing using premium quality materials, ensuring a beautiful centrepiece for the home.

Escape the everyday, enjoy beautiful fine art photography for your home from the photographer, by the photographer. If you have any questions or need any help with decorating needs for your home, office or establishment, I’d love to hear from you.

Get in touch.

ravel Photography by Allan Chan, Gotthewanderingeye. Holding framed acrylic facemount of Mahon Pool sunrise, and aerial above Shelly Beach Manly.
Travel Photography by Allan Chan, Gotthewanderingeye. Holding framed print of woman walking through the Bamboo Forest in Kyoto Japan.
Allan Chan, travel, coastal, landscape photographer holding framed wall art prints.
Travel Photography by Allan Chan, Gotthewanderingeye. Holding framed print of woman walking through the Bamboo Forest in Kyoto Japan.
Travel Photography by Allan Chan, Gotthewanderingeye. Holding framed print of a New Zealand landscape and Coogee Beach sunrise.

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