Urban Chaos in Tokyo!

As much as I am a fan of nature and beautiful landscapes, the call of the urban jungle excites me. I love travelling to new cities and discovering amazing architecture. And with this it fuels me to want to experiment and work with different photographic techniques, and a technique I love to use in particular for urbanscapes is what I call a Panographic. It involves layering many photos and multiple exposures together to create a very complex, abstract, chaotic and alternate reality, overlaying a scene to create a unique perspective on urban life.

I love doing this style of artwork, capturing unique achitecture from around the world. It’s a different perspective on a traditional panoramic photo and I think really captures the essence of an urban concrete Jungle. This style of photography is also done in non panoramic formats also.

Stop by Westfield, Bondi Junction where I am a featured artist in the ‘blinq.art’ gallery (formerly YellowKorner Australia), which is showcasing a selection of these prints.

I have a huge catalogue of Panographics that I’m working on, so stay tuned, and keep a lookout for more Layers in the City Coming Soon. 

Girls of Gion  – Gion, Kyoto  BUY  

Shibuya Crossings  – Shibuya, Tokyo  BUY  

Shinjuku Crossings – Tokyo, Japan  BUY  

Tokyo Towers  – Tokyo, Japan  BUY  

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