As the saying goes Bigger is Better.

It doesn’t get any bigger than the huge acrylic aerial art piece of mine in the gallery. Celebrating the move to the creative and arts hub of Paddington, I am thrilled to continue my association with the gallery (formerly YellowKorner, Australia) which is showcasing a new selection of my fine art photography.

Here’s one of my aerial photographs on display, printed at a massive 2.2metres High x 1.5metres wide, it’s so big you feel like you could just dive right into the ocean rockpool. I love the flexibility of this photo, beautiful in both landscape and portrait formats, and the beauty is you can choose what works for you and your space!

Art needs to be printed! Scrolling through an endless feed on a phone doesn’t do photography justice, dare I say it again, Art needs to be printed to be appreciated. Anything looks good on a little screen, its when you can blow something up and see all the minuscule detail thats gone into crafting the image, and it looks even better in real life is when you get the real ‘like’. 

Printed and mounted on acrylic, this technique has such a beautiful finish, so shiny, so rich in colour and really pops off the wall. For lovers of art, this is the style I would recommend and is the premium finish I offer for all my images. If you love the ocean, and have ever thought about having an aerial beachscape, then this is the print for you. 

If you’re a fine art lover then a visit to the gallery is a must when in Sydney. See the massive ‘Hey Mona’ print in all its glory, amongst other beautiful images from around the world from both my collections and other featured artists. 

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