Oooooh no, wheres the snow?

In what promised to be a white Christmas & New Years, filled with fluffy powdery goodness, I was looking forward to using the Sony A7RIII on the magical winters wonderland of Lake Tahoe. The epic snowfall of last year, got me pumped to snowboard and capture photographs of deep, deep pow, but with the severe lack of snow this year, had to change plans.

So instead, switched gears, and treated it like a Summer vacay, and drove around the lake exploring both California and Nevada sides, which totally make up for the lack of snow. Such an incredibley beautiful place, Bonsai Rock was my favourite of all the spots, and it was here where I witnessed the most spectacular sunset I have ever seen. I couldn’t believe my eyes, the colours in the sky and the reflections, I’m still smiling, it was just that magical. I couldnt believe what I was witnessing.

And I must say the hype about the Sony A7RIII camera is real. Beautiful, crisp, images that actually do the stunningly clear waters of Lake Tahoe justice. Combine this amazing mirrorless camera and my NISI filters looking back over the images, I’m almost glad I missed out on the deep, deep pow of last year… no snow… no worries. 

Lake Tahoe Cove – Lake Tahoe, Nevada   BUY

Lake Wanderer – Lake Tahoe, California   BUY

Sand Harbour – Lake Tahoe, Nevada   BUY

Lake Tah Oooooh – Lake Tahoe, California   BUY

Lake Tahoe Pines – Lake Tahoe, California   BUY

Zen at Bonsai Rock – Bonsai Rock, Lake Tahoe, Nevada   BUY

Zen at Bonsai Rock Panorama – Bonsai Rock, Lake Tahoe, Nevada   BUY

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