Lighting Up Sydney!

10 years on the Vivid Light Festival in Sydney just keeps getting bigger and better. The multi-award winning festival of light illuminates Sydney with mesmerising light projections stretching from the harbour foreshore, along the rocks, Opera House and Royal Botanical Gardens. The immersive outdoor light installations transform landmarks such as the Opera House and Harbour Bridge into outdoor night time canvases.

By some estimates more than 2 million visitors descend onto Australia’s largest festival, and nearly all of those will have camera in hand ready to capture Sydney in all of its Winter glory. A festival merging, light, music, and creative ideas, it’s seems appropriate for me to approach photographing these landmarks a little differently to the masses, and to put my artistic spin on things.

I love creating unique pieces of art, images that capture the imagination and below are several fine art prints that I created, which are creative, different, innovative, unique and I think true to the essence of Vivid Sydney. 

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