Are you the Wandering Type?

Suffering from Wanderlust? Every now and then the urge to take off travel and wander is too strong to ignore, after all thats the inspiration behind Gotthewanderingeye. I love to wander and get lost in the world, capturing and creating unique pieces of art is what I am truely passionate about, and it excites me to be able to share my art from around the world, with the world.

Gotthewanderingeye has got your travel desires covered, the images here are from my Wandering Types Collection, which showcases several destinations from around the world, including, Tokyo, Kyoto, Hong Kong, New York City, San Francisco and Sydney, mixed with my handcrafted typography, creating a one of a kind, fine art print ready to display on walls.

Available in a variety of framing options. White, Oak, Black Shadowbox or Classic Frames or perhaps the super trendy and cool Acrylic Facemount is more your flavour for your space.

Escape the everyday, which city do you want to wander to next? Stay tuned, many, many new Wandering Type pieces are in the works and coming soon…

Wandering Types – Gion, Kyoto  – Black, Shadow Box Frame     BUY  

Wandering Types – HK  – Oak, Shadow Box Frame     BUY  

Wandering Types – San Fran Skyline  – White, Shadow Box Frame     BUY  

Wandering Types – Flat Iron, NYC  – Black, Shadow Box Frame     BUY 

Wandering Types – Tokyo, Japan  – Oak, Shadow Box Frame     BUY  

Wandering Types – Sydney Harbour  – Black, Shadow Box Frame     BUY

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