Change your perspective on Fine Art Photography!

I’ve alway loved experimenting with my art and photography, always pushing the boundaries of creating something new, and I wanted to create images that we’re truly unique and different, an image that will really make you stop and wonder what on earth is going on.

Long before the invention of the drone, I had conceived a concept to create miniature worlds, or as I call them globes, which captured a landscape scene in a totally new perspective. A tiny planet made up of breathtaking scenery, but not quite how you have seen them before.

Brooklyn Sunsets, NYC – Black, Shadow Box Frame    BUY  

Stormy Eyed, Venice Beach – Black, Shadow Box Frame     BUY  

Searching For Black Tusk, Whistler Black, Shadow Box Frame     BUY  

Great Globe of China, Mutiyanu – Oak, Shadow Box Frame    BUY  

Ancient Village – Oak, Shadow Box Frame    BUY  

Enoshima Island – Black, Shadow Box Frame    BUY  

Temple of Heaven, Beijing – White, Shadow Box Frame    BUY  

Guarding the Forbidden City, Beijing, – White, Shadow Box Frame    BUY

Nagoya Castle Globe, Japan – White, Shadow Box Frame    BUY

Golden Pavillion, Japan – Oak, Shadow Box Frame    BUY

Londons Eye, Hungerford Bridge – Black, Shadow Box Frame    BUY


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