Water World – Maldives.

Wow. The tropical water playground of the Maldives, there’s no wonder why this is considered a Bucket List destination for so many. Known for it’s pristine beaches, blue lagoons and stunning reefs, the crystal clear waters have to be seen to be believed. Whether from the ground, or better yet from up in the sky, photographing this beautiful island paradise has got to be one of the most incredible aerial oceanscapes I’ve ever seen. So much to capture from following pods of dolphins, stunning sunrise and sunsets, to submerging underwater, this is truely the meaning of paradise.

Available in a variety of framing options. White, Oak, Black Shadowbox or Classic Frames or perhaps the super trendy and cool Acrylic Facemount these prints are sure to put u in the mood to chillout and relax in an ocean haven.

Escape the everyday and let me take you to the water world of the Maldives. 

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