There’s places in the world where your expectation and the reality once you’re there are 2 very different things. You build up expectations of how amazing a place is only to be let down. Arizona however, was one of those times that did not disappoint. Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon tops the list for the must reasons to visit and was a truely amazing experience. Arriving in the early hrs and walking down towards the viewing area of Horseshoe Bend was incredible. Greeted with a stormy sunrise, with the perfect moody, light with surprisingly low crowds it lived up all the expectations.

The other must see was Antelope Canyon, a favourite on any travel bucket list, whether its the most unique landscapes, or most beautiful places on earth lists, its easy to see why this is amongst all those lists. Such a magical experience, that has to be witnessed to be believed.

Horseshoe Bend Panorama – Arizona, United States   BUY
Horseshoe Bend – Arizona, United States   BUY
Man observing the Colorado river curving around the lookout at Horseshoe Bend, Arizona during a stormy sunrise.

Horseshoe Bend Lookout – Arizona, United States   BUY

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